Quilt Kits

A Walk in the Park$99.00
A Year to Crow About Kit$175.00
All in the Family Blue$35.00
All in the Family Pink$35.00
Autumn Tapestry$32.00
Backcountry Kit$85.00
Blooming Tote$20.00
Broken Glass Kit Chocolate$68.00
Broken Glass Kit Slate$68.00
Cheep Housing Susybee Kit$51.00
Christmas Garlands$59.00
Coastal Garden$69.00
Confetti Explosion Kit$65.00
Counting Sheep Susybee Kit$59.00
Crazed Tiles Kit Cardinal$97.00
Crazed Tiles Kit Lagoon$97.00
Crazed Tiles Kit Rainforest$97.00
Family Tree Kit$70.00
Festival of Stars Kit$195.00
Flight Paths Kit$184.00
Fold and Stitch Runner Warm$29.50
Fractured Cabins Jewel Kit$132.00
Fractured Cabins Salsa Kit$132.00
Frosted Forest$27.00
Frosty Cabins Kit$62.00
Had a Little Lamb Susybee Kit$69.00
Holly Jollies Banner$45.00
Infinity Stars Kit Pink$79.00
Jungle Gym Susybee Kit$66.50
Lavender Fields$64.00
Let Freedom Ring Kit$92.00
Lofty Houses Kit$87.00
Monkey Business Susybee Kit$51.00
Mosaic Medallion$66.00
Northern Lights Susybee Kit$61.00
Old Glory$40.00
Painterly Weave Kit$88.00
Passion for Strips Kit$97.00
Pathway to My Garden$61.00
Pinwheel Explosion Kit$86.00
Pinwheel Party Blue Kit$59.00
Pinwheel Party Pink Kit$59.00
Pinwheel Wreaths Kit Sea$130.00
Pinwheel Wreaths Kit Spring$130.00
Polar Stars$62.00
Prickly Heat Kit$71.00
Sanibels Flowers$65.00
Sea Glass$47.00
Seashore Memories$49.00
Signs of Spring$50.00
Simple Patches$52.00
Smilin Mac$47.00
Smoky Pink$78.00
Spooks and Spiders$26.00
Spring Is in the Air Wall Quilt$16.00
Spring Melt$87.00
String of Beads Kit$94.00
Summer Breezes$76.00
Tadashi Gardens Kit$175.00
Tossed Leaves Topper Kit$42.00
Tree Houses Kit$77.00
Treeline Kit Copper$96.00
Treeline Kit Slate$96.00
Venetian Blues$149.00
Water Logged Susybee Kit$51.00
Wild Pink Yonder$31.00
Windsor Woods Kit$175.00
Woodland Christmas$56.00

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